How to submit a free classified post

You can submit a posting by simply clicking the “Place Ad” link at the top of the Classifieds page. This will guide you through our simple posting process where you will be able to select a category and location for your ad, provide a title and a description, your name and email address, and upload up to 5 images.

Follow the steps below to submit a free classified ad:


  1. Log in to your GoodKiddo account and click the Classifieds tab. Make sure the location selected at the top is where you want to post. In some areas, you may select a subarea (e.g. San Francisco Bay Area”) and neighborhood (e.g. “Peninsula”). If a location is not available, choose the most appropriate one. You can also include the exact location in the description of your post.
  2. Click Place Ad in the top-left corner.
  3. Select a category for your post and click Continue.
  4. Enter the text for your post. Important fields include:
    • posting title: your post’s name. It will appear in the main list of posts.
    • posting description: the body of your post.
    • email: the email address on your account (this is automatically populated).
  5. When you are finished writing your post, enter the value of a sum and click Continue at the bottom of the screen.
  6. You will have the option to add a maximum of 5 pictures to your post of up to 1 MB each. You will be prompted to upload images from your computer to your GoodKiddo ad. When you’re finished, click Place Ad.
  7. You will now need to check your email to make sure it was successfully submitted.
  8. Open the confirmation email from GoodKiddo to ensure you can edit or delete your post anytime. If all goes right, your post should appear on GoodKiddo immediately.